jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2016

3º British: The EU and the refugee crisis

The last mandatory activity before holidays is about the so-called Syrian refugee crisis and it is a doble task:

1. Read the following document from the European Commission official website and then write an abstract about it (20 lines).
2. Write your opinion about the topic, giving always reasons for supporting your point of view (15-20 lines).

Send the document as attached file to blogeducativo08@gmail.com before Thursday 22, December. 

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

IGCSE 2017: Updated News


Here you have the basic information about this year's exams (I've also included an example of each one from May/June 2015). Have a look to the examples before taking your decission.

3º British: Geography

·                     Geo. Paper 1 (Code 0460/12): Tuesday 2 May (Questions and photos). 
·                     Geo. Paper 2 (Code 0460/22): Monday 8 May (Questions and photos). 
·                     Geo. Paper 4 (Code 0460/42): Tuesday 6 June (Questions and photos)

In the meantime, you should read the rules for the Geography's exams and have a look to all the examples explained at class that you can use on the real Igcse...

4º British: History

·                     Hist. Paper 1 (Code 0470/12): Friday 5 May (Exam). 
·                     Hist. Paper 2 (Code 0470/22): Friday 12 May (Exam). 
·                     Hist. Paper 4 (Code 0470/42): Monday 5 June (Exam). 

As in the previous case, you should read the rules for the History's exams.