martes, 28 de mayo de 2019

1º British: Experts committee about Global Warming

Students who have voluntarily watched this video: Global Warming (6 minutes, in Spanish) will participate in the committee of experts which will take place in class, in a session of 50 minutes.

What is an “Experts committee”?

A work technique in which a group of students discuss as experts (Each one specialize in some aspect of the issue) an issue in dialogue or conversation with the group. The conversation can be casuak but it has to be rational, without discussions and exhibitions lead away from the topic

Who is involved?
  • Experts: Approximately Between 4 and 6 experts who deal with all aspects of the issue for the group is reported.
  • Moderator: Introduce the committee members, organizes time, directs the conversation, introduce clarifying questions.
  • Journalist. Asking the experts all the questions that should be known: what is Global Warming? Why is it dangerous? What can we do for stop it? etc.

How to do it?

1. The facilitator or coordinator presented to the committee’s members (besides name, some special item you want the public to know about their knowledge of the subject). Asks the first question on the subject.

2. One member of the committee initiates the conversation with his/her colleagues.

3. The moderator has to intervene to ask new questions, if you see that there are aspects that have not been touched or if someone deviates from the topic. The moderator will be encouraged if the dialogue lapses, but without giving his/her opinion.

4. Fifteen minutes before the end of class the moderator will invite each panel member to briefly summarize their ideas.

5. If possible, the moderator invited to involve the public to contribute their ideas or doubts.

Tips and Helps

You can have a look in the following webpages: Worldwatch Institute and also BBC NewsroundAnd here there is a list of questions that can be done during the debate:

  • What is Global Warming?
  • What are the causes of Global Warming?
  • Does everybody agree with the theory of Global Warming, or is there some kind of controversy? Why?
  • In science, what is the difference between “Theory” and “Hypothesis”?
  • What is “Carboon footprint”?
  • What can WE do?
  • What can the Governments do?
  • What is the Kyoto Protocol?

Ready? Watch, read… go on!

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2019

2º British: Your own guided visit to Ávila

As promised, it is your turn to become professional touristical guides. In groups (maximun 4 people) you will have two weeks to prepare a guided visit to ONE of the following historical monuments of Ávila:
  • Medieval Wall
  • Cathedral
  • Basilica of San Vicente
  • Convento La Encarnación
  • San Pedro (El Grande)
  • San Andrés

The guided visit will be ONLY about the exterior area but there are several parts you should talk about (historical context, architectural plan, author, main gate, decoration, etc.).

You can use the official website of Avila Tourism to study the monuments and there are also some tips for speaking as professional guides (both webs in Spanish).

After that, we will have a special class outside the high school and you will explain your chosen monument to your partners (minimun: 4 minutes – maximun 8). Of course, all members of the team HAVE TO talk. Collaboration and team effort would be important.

As usual, this work is mandatory and will be part of your final score this term. If you fail to do it, you will receive a 0.

viernes, 17 de mayo de 2019

4º British: Pictures from the II Film Festival

Here you have the pictures of the great II Film Festival celebrated today. You can download the ZIP file (password required) and the stand-up comedian video (1 GB, with the same password. It will take a while... The video can be opened with both Windows Media Player and VLC). 

It was a really funny show, hope you enjoyed it :) Next year it will be even better! 

Have a nice weekend.

miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2019

3º British: review of mapping skills

As a part of our class review of map reading, here you have several useful links:
Do not panic: we will do the full revision at class; these are just links in case you want extra help at home. And besides, reading a map is not as difficult as it looks, isn't it?

martes, 14 de mayo de 2019

4º British: II Historical Short Film Festival

Everything is ready for the second edition of the Aula de Adriana Historical Short Film Festival. This year we will have a proper red carpet... and several surprises! Friday, 17 May, 13:00... Are you ready? :) 

miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2019

1º British: Diorama photos (2019)

You can now download the ZIP file with the low-resolution photos of your worderful model making creations. Congratulations for your imagination and effort! 

PS. In case you have any problem with the file, just bring a pendrive to class.

Cover image: Pirámide de Giza Nanoblock