domingo, 8 de enero de 2023

Deadlines for second term

1º British:

Oral: Seven wonders of Ancient Times _ Tuesday, 24 January (Speech: 25 & 26 January)

Monthly Work nº3 (Greece)_ Tuesday, 17 January

Exam I (Greece)_ Tuesday, 31 January

Monthly Work nº4 (Rome)_ Tuesday, 28 February

Exam II (Rome)_ Tuesday, 7 March

Book Review_ Tuesday, 14 March

2º British:

Flipped class_ Wednesday, 18 January (Oral speech: 20-27 January)

Monthly Work nº4 (Iberian Peninsula)_ Friday, 20 January

Exam I_ Friday, 3 February

*Oral: Precolombinian Cultures of America_ Friday, 17 February (Speech: 22-28 February)

*Video: Spanish America TV News_ Monday, 6 March

*Monthly Work nº5 (America)_ Monday, 13 March

Exam II (*if necessary...!)_ Friday, 17 March

3º British:

Monthly Work nº2 (Primary sector)_ Wednesday, 25 January

VideoScribe_ Wednesday, 1 February

Exam I (Primary sector)_ Wednesday, 8 February

Monthly Work nº3 (Secondary ssector)_ Wednesday, 1 March

Exam II (Secondary sector)_ THURSDAY, 9 March

Oral: Searching a job in Europe_ Monday, 13 March (Performances: 15-16 March)

4º British:

Monthly Work nº4 (UK+Industrial Rev.)_ Monday, 16 January

Historical Newspaper (Universal Exhibition)_ Friday, 20 January

Twitter (World War I)_ Election of roles: Monday, 13 February / Development: 22-28 February

Monthly Work nº5 (WWI & Russian Rev.)_ Monday, 6 March

Exam (Industrial Rev., WWI & Russian Rev.)_ Monday 13 & Tuesday 14, March

miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2022

2º British: Flipped class: Medieval times in the Iberian Península

People usually think that teaching is easy: you just stand up in front of students and talk. But is it really so simple? Do you think YOU could become good teachers? Let’s have a try!


In the following days you will have to prepare a FULL LESSON. Not a simple power point or 10 minutes oral speech... a full real class, 50 minutes explaing a topic, giving examples and solving doubts. Wow! That’s a real challenge! J


Some questions from this activity will be part of the next exam so take it seriously and pay attention to all your partner’s explanations!



Task 1: Prepare a complete lesson plan (individually or in groups of maximun 4 people) about ONE of the following territories from the Iberian Península:

  1. Asturias (Tips from auladeadriana & lesson plann)
  2. León and Castilla (Tips from auladeadriana & lesson plann)
  3. Navarra (Video & Lesson plann)
  4. Cataluña and Aragón (Video of Aragón & Lesson plann)
  5. Al Andalus (Tips from auladeadriana & lesson plann)


No matter the chosen kingdom, all research would have to include the same items, so none will be shorter or easier than other:

-         Historical review (yes, you can use my theoretical notes, the useful videos provided at class or search from your onw sources)

-         Map of the kingdom and its maximun peak

-         Main character (portrait, bio and main events)

-         Art: comment of a masterpiece

-         Comment of an historical text

-         Activities for your “students”

In case you decide to include videos (in English) to help you or to illustrate your lesson, the maximun total lenght would be 10 minutes.


When finished, send all the materials created to Remember that, if the files are too big or heavy for an email, you can use (free, easy and safe). The deadline for this will be Friday 13 January.

We will dedicate several hours at class but it will be necessary to work at home to finish a complete, properly developed lesson and practice it.



Task 2: Turn yourself into teachers! As usual ALL members of the team MUST speak (and it will be NOT just reading from the screen but to be self-confident enough to TEACH).



This activity is mandatory and you will receive a mark for it; collaboration between menbers and teamwork would be also taken into consideration. If you fail to do it, do it out of time or just copy&paste from internet, you will receive a 0.


Ready? Steady?... GO! 

lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2022

Deadlines for first term

Hello, hello! It is time to start... These will be the deadlines for this first term (do not panic, you will have enough time to do your homework): 

1º British

Monthly work nº0 (Intro) _ Tuesday, 27 September

Monthly work nº1 (Prehistory) _ Tuesday,  18 October

Exam I (Prehistory)_ Tuesday, 25 October

Monthly work nº2 (Ancient civilizations) _ Tuesday, 22 November

Exam II (Ancient civilizations)_ Tuesday, 29 November

Terracotta Xiam WarriorsTuesday, 15 November

MapsTHURSDAY, 1 December

2º British

Monthly work nº1 (Feudalism)_ Friday, 7 October

Exam I (Feudalism)_ Friday, 14 October

Monthly work nº2 (Islam)_ Friday, 28 October

Monthly work nº3 (Lower Middle Age)_ Friday, 11 November

Exam II (Lower Middle Age)_ Friday, 18 November

World travellers of Medieval Times _ Friday, 25 November

Book review _ Friday, 2 December

3º British

World Factbook _ Friday, 14 October

Monthly work nº1 (Population)_ Wednesday, 19 October

Exam 1 (Population) _ Friday, 28 October

Monthly work nº2 (Settlement)_ Wednesday, 23 November

Political Maps _ Wednesday, 30 November

Exam 2 (Settlement) _ Wednesday, 7 December

4º British

Monthly work nº1 + video (Enlightment) _ Monday, 3 October

Umbrella's revolutionMonday, 17 October

Monthly work nº2 (Revolutions) _ Monday, 7 November

Exam (Enlightment & Revolutions)_ Monday, 21 + Tuesday 22, November

Book review _ Monday, 5 December

Monthly work nº3 (USA & Japan) _ Monday, 12 December

Have a nice day and take care.

jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2022

British: Academic Information for 2022-23


Hello! Hope you have enjoyed your summer holidays because... we are back! In the following links you can read the updated information for this academic year:

1ºE.S.O. British

2ºE.S.O. British

3ºE.S.O. British

4ºE.S.O. British

You can also read the Assement Criteria and download the "text book" and all the pertinent monthly works for homework in the tab "APUNTES"

Are you ready? 3...2...1... Let's go! :)

2º British: Monthly works for 2022-2023

Here you have the links with the new Monthly Works for homework. As usual, you will need a password. 

This academic year you will have several surprises at class... Are you ready? Good luck! :)

martes, 6 de septiembre de 2022

4º British: Monthly works for 2022-2023

Here you have your new Monthly Works for this academic year. As usual, you will need a password to open them. They must be printed on paper, answered on those same pages and delivered by hand to the teacher in the specifical date; otherwise, you will received a penalization.

Are you ready? Good luck! :)

3º British: Monthly works for 2022-2023

As usual, here you have the links for the Monthly Works. As explained, you will need a password to open them. They must be printed, answered in those same pages and delivered by hand to the teacher in the specifical dates. 

Are you ready? Good luck! :)