Weekly Works (2018 - 19)

Weekly works for 1ºBritish
Weekly works for 2ºBritish  
Weekly works for 3ºBritish
Weekly works for 4ºBritish

4º British (History)

Cover page (optional)
Unit 16. ColdWar and Decolonization & Glossary (New Edition 2018)

3º British (Geography)

Cover page (optional)
Unit 1. Political issues & Spanish Democracy 
Unit 2. Population and Migration 
Unit 3. Settlement 
Unit 4. Intro to economy 
Unit 5. Economy A: Primary sector 
Unit 6. Economy B: Secondary sector 
Unit 7. Economy C: Terciary sector 
Unit 8. Transformations in the present world: Globalization (NEW TOPIC)
Unit 9. Geographical skills: review of chartography 
Unit 10. Natural environment A: landscapes & Glossary (Volunteer)
Unit 11. Natural environment B: Climate (Volunteer)

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