lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2018

1º British: Infographic about vikings

Your new task is about creating an infographic but, first of all, what is an infographic?

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. For example: 

There are a wide variety of tools available that allow you to create your own infographic. These free infographic creator tools will allow you to generate an infographic very quickly, without the need for a professional designer, and often in very high quality formats but if you prefer something more familiar to you for starting, you can download this archive with free power point templates.

However, infographics are about more than looking good and attracting lots of views and links. If your infographic does not present data in an engaging way – or your data is not worth learning – you may find that your campaign is unsuccessful. So before you start designing, do some research.

In your case, each team will create an infographic about vikings!Besides being visually attractive, your infographic should be informative and complete from an educational point of view. You can start by visiting the BBC for kids web and the AcademiaPlay video.

When finish, sent the work as an attached file to You can be also asked to give an oral explanation at class.

As usual, this work is mandatory and will be part of the score at the end of the term. If you fail to finish it, do it out of date (a couple os classes), or just copy, the mark will be a 0 for this work.

Good luck! :)

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2018

3º British: TIME TRIAL - The World Factbook

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of USA publishes an online “Annual book” with a multitude of data of all the countries around the world: The World Factbook. The information is compiled from different sources, both public and private, and it is useful for learning about the political, economic or social features of the countries.

Using this web is very easy: once you have choosen the country, you will see a map with its location, flag, etc. And below the map, you can find its information organized by topic. By clicking on each of them, it will display the information boxes. 

In today's activity, we will work with the The World Factbook‘s web. It's a double task:

Task 1. You must fill in a document with the details requested in the list below, about 3 different states: Spain, a MEDC (preferably another one from Europe), and a LEDC.  Besides the information, in your document, you can include a photo or a screen capture (e.g. a map). 
  • Name of the country and capital city
  • Location (continent, geographical coordinates, borders)
  • Population
  • Official Language (if more that one, list them)
  • Type of government
  • International organizations to which it belongs
  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product per capita)
  • GDP composition by sectors 
  • Military Expenditures
  • Educational expenditures
  • School life expectancy
  • Youth unemployment
  • Transnational issues (For example, border disputes, nationalism' conflicts, refugees, etc.).
Task 2. Then you must compare the data of those 3 countries, and enter your opinion, as complete as possible.

  • Was it easy to find all the information requested? Why?
  • Is the data updated?
  • Is there any data that surprises you? Which one? Why?
  • What is the situation of Spain compare to the other two states analyzed? Why?

When finish, send the document as attached file to blogeducativo08@gmail.comTHIS IS A TIME- TRIAL ACTIVITY, THAT IS: YOU HAVE ONLY TODA'S CLASS FOR DOING IT. So please focus and use your time properly.

Ready? 3, 2, 1... GO!