lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2018

2º British: Game of Spanish thrones

What is gamification?

Gamification is a learning strategy based on the application of role-playing games mechanism and strutures into the educational field in order to achieve better results, either to better absorb some knowledge, improve some ability, or reward specific actions, among many other objectives.

The ludic nature of these activities facilitates the internalization of knowledge in a funnier way, generating a positive experience in the students. Because we all learn more when we have fun! J

This year, we will conduct a gamification experience at our History classes. Pay attention to the rules:

How does it work?

The title, as you can see, is “Game of Spanish thrones”. It means that we will study the topics about Iberian Península during Medieval and Modern times by playing.

During the following weeks, we will have a combination of traditional explanations and flipped classes (based on different sources: theory, videos, texts and images analysis...). When each historical stage is finished, I will release the pertinent Mission document.

Each mission will have 3 activities, with different levels of difficulty. When needed, you can do an online research to answer them; in some cases, you will have to do a small DIY o craft-work at home J

When passing the different historical stages and missions successfully, you will obtain marks and, as a consequence, you will improve your social status (We will revise the score at class after each mission). It will go as it follows:

Start: 0 marks. You are a serf.
10 marks: you will become a free man/woman.
20 marks: you are now a burgher (citizen).
30 marks: Congrats! You are a knight, member of the priviledge stament! From that moment on, you will also have the opportunity of earning some extra and useful bonus cards...
40 marks: Well done! You are now a nobleman/noblewoman.
50 marks: You got it! You are the king/queen. And that means... you are NOT taking the exam! On the contrary, it is convalidated by 9. Yes! That is the reward for your efforts! J
60 marks: You are now crowned Emperor/Empress. This is the maximun honour and it will takes you to... a 10. Wow! J

To begin with, you have to create your Player-card. You can use a hand-made template or a free online generator. This part is mandatory and will give you your first 2 marks for the game. Basic things you HAVE TO include in your Player-card:

Your nick-name and your photo (real one!)
Your city and kingdom (real ones from Medieval Iberian Peninsula)
Languages you speak 
Two strong point (This is really important, as it can gives you extra marks in certain missions... Think carefully about that!).
Two weak point (Again, think carefully as you can loose a couple of marks in a mission... This is a game and sometimes you have to take risks!)

Both strong and weak points have to be chosen from the following list:

- Learning new languages
- Map reading
- Diplomacy
- Militar strategy
- Negociation and sale skills
- Astronomy and sailing skills
- Calligraphy
- Music and fine arts
- Drawing
- Medicine
- Mathematics
- Biology and Botany

This learning-game can be done individually or in pairs but it is mandatory. All missions and activities has to be done on the specifical date. If you fail to do it, do it out of time or just copy&paste from internet, you will be penalised and will loose marks (with the repercussion that it will have for reaching the Royal status and benefits...). In case someone does not reach the minimun score required (50 marks), he/she will have to do a conventional, written exam.

But I am sure that you will do your best to have fun... and to learn!

Ready? Steady?... go!

viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2018

4º British: Create your Historical Newspaper!

Imagine that you are living in London in the year 1851... 

Your new task is to create the front page of a newspaper.

Choose one template from this zip file (all the templates are in word format), choose a name and... complete it with the monthly news that you consider more remarkable (you can use the examples of this list or search for other real events that happened in 1851 in any part of the world).

You HAVE TO include some illustrations (a drawing, an engraving...) and, when possible, some primary sources (eg. Extract from a real speech of a politician or a real satirical cartoon from that year)

You can do this activity by your onw or in pairs. When finish, please convert it to PDF format and send it as attached file to The deadline is 17 January

This work is mandatory and will be part of the score at the end of the term. If you fail to finish it, do it out of date, or just copy&paste from a webpage, the mark will be a 0 for this work.

Be creative and enjoy it!

On the image: Newspaper seller 
(The Star was published in Londom from 1788 to 1960)