domingo, 28 de abril de 2019

2º British: Thieves in the museum!

People often ask if any artworks from Prado Museum have ever been stolen. Well, the answer is: Yes! In fact, Prado suffered several thefts (1861, 1897, 1906, 1909 and 1918). As part of the bicentennial of the Prado Museum and the new exhibition of the “Tesoro del Delfín” (stolen and recovered in 1918), I have prepared this special detective double-task for you:

FIRST MISSION: There has been a robbery! And your misión is to discover & catch the thieves and recover the famous canvas. But there is an extra handicap: it is a time-trial! There are only 5 days until the opening of the exhibition in the “Salón de Reinos” in the Museo del Prado, that's why you must hurry to solve the enigma! In this document you have several clues to solve it. You will also find useful the museum floor mapLet’s investigate!

When you have completed the “Solution page” (provided at class), give it to me. The first team who completes it correctly will win an extra mark J

SECOND MISSION: Send an email to answering, as complete as possible, the following questions with your own reflections and opinions about the topic of this investigation:
  • Why would someone steal artwork from a museum?
  • What do you think of the thieves’ choice? (Eg. Why do you think they took paintings and not sculptures? Why do the paintings not include people?  Why did they only take such small paintings?)
  • Why we should protect art and cultural heritage?

This activity can be done individually or in groups (maximun 3 people) and you will receive a mark for it. It is mandatory; remember that, as usual, if you don’t do it, or you do it out of time, the mark for this activity will be 0.

Ready? Steady?... Go!

miércoles, 24 de abril de 2019

3º British: Create your own political party

A political party is a private entity based association, formed from an ideology and a certain interest. It seeks to obtain representation in the institutions through democratic elections, uniting convictions and efforts to influence public affairs and democratic life in an area, help finance and promote institutional changes and improvements from political power.

Obviously, you can not create a real political party because you are still under age!. But in this activity you are going to turn into political leaders...!

You must organize yourselves into groups (3 people minimum, as the law says, but 6 people as maximun) to “create” several political parties in class. You will follow (almost all) the official steps that the Spanish Law requires for creating a party. The teacher will be the "Ministerio del Interior" responsible for giving you the "ok"... and the final mark for this activity!

They are 6 stages on the activity:

1. Find a name, logo/slogan and ideology
2. Fill the Estatuto del Partido” application (you should also add a document with your economical, social, educational... proposals. The most complete you do it, the better for you).
3. Fill official inscription application (after that, and with the approval of a notary, you are supposed to send both documents to the Ministerio del Interior… and paid about 180/260 Euros. Obviously, you are NOT going to do that this time!)

Other additional points of interes:

If you have any questions you can call the phone 900 150 000 (although now is NOT working, because it is only avaible when elections are close). It belongs to the Ministerio del Interior and is free.

Realise that there are laws limiting the activity of political parties (eg. electoral campaign financing, which is prohibited and no, etc). The most important ones are:

Realise also that each “Comunidad Autónoma” has their own and specifical laws for the “Elecciones Autónomas”. But in this activity, to simplify things, we can imagine that we are joining a National Election and there is not necesary to review any territorial law.

Once the parties are "approved", each group will share roles (leader, secretary, etc..) and write its political program (ideas and points to defend).

4. Election campaign (during 2 weeks, you will have to make your party advertising, public speaking, debates in class and "convince" the "voters"...)
5. Elections and scrutinity.
6. Proclamation of the winner.

  • 9 May: You MUST give to the teacher the Estatuto del Partido and the Inscription Apllication (stages 2-3)
  • 13-27 May: Election campaign (stage 4)
  • Tuesday 28 May: Elections, scrutinity and proclamation (stages 5-6)

Let's get to work… and good luck! :-)

By the way, as usual, this activity is mandatory and you will receive a mark for it. It case you fail or you do not do it, the mark will be a 0.