lunes, 4 de febrero de 2019

3º British: Searching a job in Europe

Before looking for a job oportunity abroad, we must begin with a basic rule: INFORMATION about the country, about its market and labor legislation and, of course, its language.

To facilitate this process, the European Union has an online application for jobs searching (EURES) and a curriculum template, called EUROPASS, which can be completed online and is accepted throughout the European Union. The EURES website also offers information about life in the country of destination and on the labor market (for example, what areas need new workers, etc.).

Also, keep in mind that job interviews can change slightly from one country to another (eg.: interviewers in Germany greatly appreciate a digital or video CV; or if applying as designer or publicist, they will love something catchy and creative).

As students of British Council in a globalise world, you will probably study or work abroad in any moment. Therefore, it would be a good idea to get used to Eures, isn't it? Here is the new double-task activity you have to do:

Task 1.
  • Choose a job offer from this EURES list that is attractive for you. Why did you choose that offer and that country?
  • Use the Europass template to create a CV, a Language Passport and a letter to suit the job. Keep in mind all the tips and advices to create a good CV. 

When finish, please send ALL the documents as attached files to

Task 2

In pairs, you will have to impersonate a job interview for your chosen application in class... 

Good luck! J

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