lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

1º British: Webquest on the climates of Spain

Spain is a privileged country, enjoying a wide variety of climates, and precisely this variety makes possible amazing contrasts between the different landscapes.

Each group must choose a type of climate (continental, oceanic, mediterranean, subtropical or mountain) and complete a study on it, including in which areas of Spain is located, what features it has (temperature, rain…), how is its landscape...

Each group should prepare a Word document, which can also include maps and photos of the chosen climate landscape.

When finished, make sure you have signed the document (name and grade) and saved it as a .Doc file (to avoid problems with different versions of Word), and please send it to the email address

To start your research, you can check the following websites:

In English: you can read many information about Spanish landscapes and Iberian wildlife tour.

In Spanish you have two interesting interactive websites at Libros vivos España and Libros vivos Europa, by SM.

Good luck with this task!

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