martes, 26 de marzo de 2019

1º British: Historical model-making

It's time of the funniest activity of the year! Model-making! :) Yes, you have to do a manual work: a model, mockup or diorama of any historical age studied this year!

Of course, you will have a mark for this work. And, as you will do it very well, that mark will be very high... Do not worry, you have enough time: the delivery date is Tuesday, 30 April.


1. The model can be done individually or in groups (maximum, 3 people).
2. The item must be obligatorily related to one of the historical topics studied this year. You can add some figures and landscape items, but remember that the main part must be a building.
3. Do NOT expend money, do it with reusable materials: paper, cardboard, clay ... even those Playmobiles you have in a drawer :)
4. Be original: it is a creative work, to show off your imagination.
5. They should be harmless (no volcanoes to explode, please)

There are many options: Paleolithic hunters, the neolithic city of Catal Huyuck, a Mesopotamian ziggurat, Egyptian pyramids and sphinxes, the Parthenon of Athens, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the war between the Greeks and Persians, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum with gladiators, the Circus with a chariot race, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, a Vetton's castro...

Get to work and enjoy it! 

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