lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013

3º British: Global Warming, an incovinient truth

Global warming has become a controversial issue but also a leading public environmental concern. Even those who considered the overall subject “debatable” have changed their minds as more conclusive evidence has come in from all corners of the globe. 

During the following days, we will work in class about this topic:

  • First step, will be the film "An inconvinient truth". 
  • Second step, you will work in groups, doing several online research and writting brief essays, with this Global Warming's Activities and the Kyoto Protocol document.

As usual, send the solved activities to when finish. This work will be part of the score at the end of the NEXT term. If you fail to finish them or you give it out of date, the mark will be a 0 for this work.

Go on!

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