miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

4º British: Flipped class! The unifications of Germany and Italy

The educational system is usually based in passive learning: the teacher talks and the students seems to be listening J But it is a fact that we (everybody) remember better what we DO, so with this topic we will try a new approach to knowledge: you will built your own learning! This is what we call “flipped class”.

In this case, we will work with topic 5: unifications of Germany and Italy (remember that you have also my notes on the tag “Apuntes” of this blog. Read them!).

Besides, I have prepared for you several links for introducing the theory. Watch/Read them carefully at home. Them, you will do some activities at class; in that way, you will work at your rhythm and you will have the opportunity of asking me all the doubts you find.

Let’s go!

First thing you have to do is watching this complete youtube’s video from Bailey Duncan (about 14 minutes).

Second, for being sure that you have watched the full video, you have to send me an email (blogeducativo08@gmail.com) answering these questions:
  • What was the Crimean War so important?
  • Why was Bismarck called the “modern Machiaveli”?

Third, you will need to print and bring to class this document with the activities (remember the password).

As usually, you will receive a mark for the full activity (homework and classwork/attitude). I know that you will find a bit difficult because it is something new for you but I am also sure that you will enjoy it, work hard and get brilliant marks, right? J

Good luck!

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