jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

4º British: Causes of IWW and its global nature

As you asked me this morning in class, here you have the document with the detailed causes of the I World War.

In addition, if you want a deeper study about WWI, the websites of The Guardian and the British Library, offer both stories and video clips that clearly outlines that global nature:

Guardian has a 3-minute clip called "Empire" that reminds us that Britain brought in the most colonial soldiers, conscripting over a million men from their Indian colony and France brought in over 200,000 Africans to work in French factories.

The British Library has a number of stories about racism and nationalism in WWI. Example: Colonial participation in the war often reinforced racial stereotypes as these colonial soldiers became more visible to the European public. According to historian Fogerty, "the German army made much of the ‘exotic’ soldiers it captured from among enemy troops, often subjecting Africans and Asians to anthropological study in the camps and using images of the prisoners in propaganda." 

By the way, the photo that illustrates this post, is the uniform that Franz Ferdinand was dressing when he was killed... Can you see the blood spots?

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