jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2015

4º British: Suffragette

Yesterday, we explained the "Female Suffrage Movement" in UK. Today, we will complete the task by watching the official trailer of a new movie (Universal Pictures. First release in Spain: 18 December 2015... That is next week!) and by doing a small opinion activity: 

Answer the following questions, as complete as possible. When finish, send them as an attached document to blogeducativo08@gmail.com.

1.What do you think Suffragists and Suffragettes would look back on with most satisfaction?

2.What do you regard as the greatest achievement and the greatest failure of Suffragists and Suffragettes?

3.Do you think that Suffragists or Suffragettes achievements most outweight their failures? Why?

4.Do you think that Suffragettes direct actions damaged the campaign for female suffrage? Why?

5.Do you think that Feminism is still necessary? Why? Give at least 3 well-argumented reasons.

6.What do you think about the following sentence? Do you agree with it? Why?
“I call myself feminist when people ask me if I am, and of course I am, ‘cause it’s about equality, so I hope everyone is. You know you’re working in a patriarchal society when the word feminist has a weird connotation” (Ellen Page).

Go on!

By the way, if you are particulary into this topic, you can voluntary watch the BBC serie: Suffragettes forever! (3 chapters, 1 hour each).

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