miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016

4º British: The impact of the II World War on Maori

By the time the Second World War ended in 1945 the 28th (Maori) Battalion had become one of the most celebrated and decorated units in the New Zealand forces. The pinnacle of its achievement was the Victoria Cross won by Te Moananui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu in 1943. 

“We will lose some of the most promising of our young leaders [...] but we will gain the respect of our Pakeha (Europeans) brothers and the future of our race as a component and respected part of the New Zealand people will be less precarious”.
Sir Apirana Ngata, Maori leader, 1940.

Now you can learn many more things about the performance of both communities (Maori and European descendants) by visiting the complete NZHistory website. Enjoy!

Photo: A Maori platton performing their famous “haka” during the militar campaing in Egypt, 1941

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