jueves, 23 de junio de 2016

1º British: historical online games

As usually, here you have several links to videogames (mostly from BBC) about topics studied this year in our History classes. Enjoy the summer-time!

This game has the player choose the correct armor for three different types of Roman gladiators within a time limit. Each gladiator then fights and wins or loses based on what the player’s choices were.

Test your knowledge of history with an interactive challenge. Enter the embalmer’s workshop and prepare a body for burial.

This game presents the user with a scene where a Roman dies and the user then has to figure out how the Roman died. The player uses evidence from the scene and information both from witnesses and modern experts.
This game presents the user with a series of challenges related to building a pyramid for the Egyptian Pharaoh. The construction of the pyramid succeeds or fails based on the player’s decisions.
In this game you learn stories behind the coins and try to make “money talk.”

Just log-in for the adventure!


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