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4º British: French Revolution in Twitter

You are about to start the 4th edition of your favourite historical activity... twitter in class! 

We are living at the very beginning of the French Revolution. It is May, 1789. Your king, Louis XVI, has called the Estates Generals in order to approve a tax reform to solve the deficit crisis:

“His Majesty has decided to provide for an immediate convocation of the Estates General of his kingdom. His Majesty has not yet decided where the Estates General are to meet, but is able to announce to his subjects that their assembly is fixed for May 1st 1789 [...]”

You must create a twitter account (please do NOT use your personal one) as you were one of the inhabitants of Paris in 1789 (the King? The Queen? A nobleman? A famous writter? A farmer? A young politician?... there are many possibilities, you can review the document “Revolution characters” on this blog... You will find there many characters, in alphabetic order, with a brief description of their roles). With this “historical account” you become follower of @auladeadriana

During the next two weeks you have to create a minimum of 20 tweets (12 of them base on real primary sources) in the name of your chosen character. Try not to be independent, but “talk” with the others (a burguess complaining to the King because of taxations? Jacobin politicians exchanging messages and speeches?...). I would also recommend you to use the hastag #HistoryatVasco in your tweets, to facilitate its reading.

The previous years, this experiment was a total success and your partners really did good performances, so you will have to work hard for leading them...

The activity will start on Monday, 7th November and will finish on Monday, 21th November . This work is individual and mandatory and will be part of the score at the end of the term. If you fail to finish it, do it out of date, or just copy from a webpage, the mark will be a 0 for this work.

Be creative and enjoy it! J


Alpha History (including the King’s call)
French Rev. Legacy (Fordham University)
French Rev. Digital Archive (Stanford University)
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity (including songs!)

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