viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

2º British: Precolombinian cultures in America

Choose ONE Precolombinian culture (Mayans, Aztecs or Incans) and do a deep study of it. The file (PowerPoint, Word or Prezi) should include between 15 and 30 slides. You must include the following sections (of course, you should also add several pictures):

Settlement: place and date, main cities.
Society and economy.
Art, religion and traditions (yes, sacrificies included).
The culture and the arrival of the Europeans.
Conclusions: opinion from all members of the group about the culture.
Webgraphy (links to websites consulted)

When finish, send it as attached file to: (make sure you send the last and complete version!).

And here are some links for starting:

This work is compulsory and it will be part of the score at the end of the term. If you fail to finish them, you do it out of date or you don’t do the presentation, the mark will be a 0 for that work.

Good luck!

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