martes, 19 de diciembre de 2017

3º British: Create your own case study

Here you have your new online task of the term! In groups, you have to create a case study activity about the primary sector. You can choose ONE of the following topics (Each one has some helpful links for stating, but you can find out your own online resources):

Option A. Vineyard cultivation in France (Global production, plantation’s needs and map)
Option B. Cocoa cultivation in Ghana (Sustanaible Cocoa farming and Ghana business news)
Option C. Is there a butter crisis in France? (BBC explanation and Solution from Asturias)
Option D. Tulip flowers cultivation in India (Plantation’s needs and Kashmiri case)
Option ECheese production in Asturias (Food & Drink sectorvarieties and 2015 production)
Option F. Mussels cultivation in Kerala, India (Kerala case and Oyster Opera)

Remember that the best one will be selected to be part of this term exam (with a maximum value of 2 points) J Your activity MUST include:

- One question about vocabulary (0’25 points)
- Two short questions for working with maps, photos or diagrams (0’25 each)
- One question about description of maps or photos (0’25 points)
- One question about “suggestions” or “personal opinion” (0’5 points)
- One question “From a named country…” (0’5 points). Here you have also to include a link to a possible answer or example.

Obviously, you HAVE TO include also visual resources (maps, diagrams or photos) that will allowed to solve the questions.

When finish, send it as a attached file to This activity is mandatory and you will receive a mark for it. In case you fail to finish it, do it out of date (21  January) or just copy, the score will be 0.

Ready? Let’s go! J

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