domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

2º British: Historical comic!

Yes! This is your opportunity to show your creativity because the task for third term is... making an historical comic!

You can choose any historical topic related with the syllabus of this year. For example, life in a medieval castle, a knights tournament, the Crusaders, the Muslim Al Andalus, the travels of Marco Polo, the war between Hernán Cortés and the Aztecs, the travel around the world of Magellan and Elcano... even a love story, why not?

The story must be "original" and have at least 10 cartoon panels (viñetas). To do this there are several programs, but I recommend Comic Life.

Comic Life is a very simple program to manage: just select one of the templates (pages with cartoon panels already prepared) and start including photos. And where can you get the photos? Here there are many possibilities: you can search on the Internet images, video games or drawings that are appropriate to the subject; or you can take your own photos by using playmobil... or even dress up yourself!

Once that the photos are in, it is only necessary to insert the balloons (bocadillos) that will collect the texts of the characters: dialogues, screams, thoughts...

You can download the program from softonic, but as it is a demo version it will only be available 30 days. In case you need it, you can rewatch the youtube’s tutorial.

When finish, you should save your comic in .pdf format and send that file to . The deadline is 24 April. As usual, this work is mandatory; if you failed to do it, send it out of time of just copy from any webpage, your mark will be 0.

After correcting and evaluating your "works of art", I will upload them to the blog so that you can all enjoy them. Ready? Steady? Go! J

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