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2ºBritish: G.O.S.T.- Stage 5: Isabella and Ferdinand, the Catholic Monarchs

This is a really important and revelant topic. Why? Because it was the starting point of the "Modern monarchies & Estates" (15 minutes video), finishing the feudal society, and because a New World was discovered (but... who was the first one? Watch this 10 minutes video and find it out). 

As you can imagine by this introduction, this stage of the game will take time... Keep calm and pay attention.

Thanks to TVE series, we can watch the key moments in the life of Isabella and Ferdinad. Can you put them in the correct chronological order?

Fragment: Royal wedding

Do not forget to visit the TVE-Isabel official website, you will find it quite useful for the next Mission, ahem. Same for the “Marriage alliances” that they achieved: 

But no doubt the first and real trigger event was the famous Farsa de Ávila. What do you know about it?

Ah! We will have a very interesting class about the University of Salamanca, sponsored by Isabella and Ferdinand. Pay special attention to it!

1492 was a very important year for the Kingdom of Castilla: Columbus discovered a new continent for Queen Isabella and the "Reconquista" was finished was the conquest of Granada. 

By the way, against the common belief, there were many laws protecting the rights of natives in the Spanish America. Their status was similar to the peninsulars, as you can read in this article. Finally, on January 1514 King Ferdinand authorized by Royal Decree the legal marriage of Spaniards settlers with Native Americans which were, in fact, a usual practice there. That decree was considered too modern and open-minded for other nations. For example, until 1967 (yes! the 20th century! Can you believe it?) USA did NOT declare "unconstitutional" the racist laws that phohibited mixed marriages. 

Another relevant and also very controversial issue was the expulsion of the Jews and the beginning of the "Black Legend" of Spain, among the infamous "Inquisición"; in the following  videos of AcademiaPlay (in Spanish) you can learn all the details and historical true facts:

La Inquisición española (updated: 15 minutes)
La expulsión de los judíos (updated: 13 minutes)

Finally, the process of Royal Succession after Isabella’s death was not easy... Watch the following 8 -minutes video to learn about it.

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