domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

British: Book review 2012-2013

As the curriculum for the subjetc is complex and really long, some of the lessons will be completed by the students. To begin with, students must read two books and hand-writting a personal review. This work is compulsory and must be returned in the specified date.

Students can read them in English or Spanish, it doesn’t matter, but of course the review must be written in English. This review, hand-written on one side of the sheet, must have the following sections:
  • Bibliographic card (title, author, publisher...)
  • Abstract (3-4 pages)
  • Personal opinion about the book (1 page)

The two reading books for this year are:

1º ESO - British
  • La chica del tiempo, by Eva Mª Piquer (Second term)
  • Roman Mysteries (vol.1: The thieves of Ostia), by Caroline Lawrence (Translation into Spanish: Misterios Romanos 1: Ladrones en el foro). (Third term)

2º ESO
  • La tierra de las papas, by Paloma Bordons (Second term)
  • El oro de los sueños, by José Mª Merino (Third term)

4º ESO - British
  • Address Unknown (Paradero desconocido), by Kressmann Taylor (First term)
  • Animal Farm (Rebelión en la granja), by George Orwell (Second term)

Enjoy the reading! 

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