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4º British: How to comment an art work? Volunteer practice

Do you want to practice a bit more how to comment an art work? Here you have a VOLUNTEER oportunity. This is the info/classification:

Death of Viriato (leader of the Iberian resistence against the Roman Empire)
Author: José de Madrazo
Place and date: 1807. Painted in Rome during an educational stay, but bring back to Madrid.
Art style: Neoclasicism

Now it’s your turn... Remember the order: 
  • Definition of the art style
  • Historical context
  • Characteristics of the style (Madrazo just followed the general rules, didn’t aport any “Spanish touch”)
  • Comment (Remember to mention the “Rule of 3 units: time, place and action)
  • Conclusion (standar sentence)

In case you need some extra help, you can read the info from the Museo del Prado, where the canvas is now. But, please, try NOT to copy/paste from there! And as it’s your first individual comment, is not necessary to write something so complete.

When finish, you can send it to me as attached file to blogeducativo08@gmail.com. I’ll answer you back with the corrections a.s.a.p.

Good luck! J

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