jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

3º and 4º British: IGCSE Exams

Cambridge IGCSE is the world’s most popular international curriculum for 14-16 year olds. Cambridge IGCSE is taken in over 100 countries worldwide and are widely accepted by higher education institutions and employers around the world as evidence of academic ability.

Cambridge IGCSE develops learners’ skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, and even introducing cross-curricular perspectives, giving learners excellent preparation for the next stage in their education.

The students will take examinations in May/June 2013. If you are thinking about them, you can visit the following sites:

  • Cambridge’s website (HISTORY): again, you can read carefully the syllabus for this year’ exam, and even past papers and examiner reports. You can also prepare a small review of the topics using the BBC page.

Think carefully about them and... Good luck!

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