viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

4º British: Unit 10 Industrial Revolution

Here you have the links for the new theoretical unit: The Industrial Revolution, and its Glossary. As the Industrial Revolution is a main topic for the IGSCE, you should prepare some optional extra work.

Firstly, watch the Modern Times, by Chaplin (1936) to understand, humorously, the mechanization of production and the assembly-line process in a factory. It is only the first part of the movie (about 20 minutes).

Secondly, visit the BBC Radio to hear an interesting and very complete audio about Industrial Rev. (Radio-recorder from 23 December 2010). Lasting about 43 minutes.

In addition, you can search more info and also videos and photos from History Channel website

But not everything is studying... you can play this “industrial games” from BBC:

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