lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013

4º British: Historical films

As I promised you in class, here you have a list of Historical movies, related with the syllabus of 4º E.S.O. As we are talking about Contemporary History, there are many options, ones more modern than others... (from 1927 to 2012). But I am sure that you will find something that you like in a list of 60 films! Enjoy! J

I have tried to include a couple of movies in each unit. Obviously, there are only some examples to ilustrate the topics you are studying, but it is not a thorough list. So, in case you miss one film that it is accurate to the historical facts it is trying to shown, please report it to me and I will include it in a future update.

By the way, after reading the list... which one of those movies you would like to watch? Leave you comments on the blog!

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Irene Maes dijo...

Hola Adriana:
La verdad gracias por la lista algunas ya las he visto, pero la mayoria no y siempre viene bien tener pelis históricas para ver. Es genial que sigas subiendo este tipo de cosas. Yo te lo agradezco muchísimo. Un saludo

Adriana Carriles dijo...

Hola Irene,

Ya que te gustan este tipo de sugerencias, te daré una buena noticia: aún tengo pendiente otra lista de películas, en este caso centradas en el temario de 1º y 2º (prehistoria, historia antigua, edad media...) :-)

Irene Maes dijo...

¡Ay qué bien!
Además que tu blog aparece como bibliografia en un trabajo mío de cultura audiovisual.