jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

4º British: Unit 12 Russian Revolution

Here you have the first topic of the next term... The good news is that there will be no exam of this unit! J With the book’s review (“Animal Farm”) and the weekly work, it will be more than enough.
For answering the activity nº3 (Russian cinema) you only need to watch the extract (9 minutes) provided, but if you are curious about the full movie, feel free to enjoy it!

In addition, if you are really interest into this topic, you can watch a documentary on youtube (in Spanish) about the “10 days that shook the World”, filmed in 1967 with the participation of Orson Welles. The title was based on the book written by the North-American journalist John Reed about the October 1917 Rev., which Reed experienced firsthand.

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