sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

4º British: Unit 11 The I World War

Here you have an important issue in the European History: The I World War, also called “The Great War”.

In addition, you can do a volunteer activity (and win an extra point on the final mark of 3º term!). It is a case study about the Battle of the Somme (4 pages extracted from GCSE modern world History, by Ben Walsh). If you want to do it, read all the information and sources, watch the map below and do the final activity, called “Focus Task”. Send the file, before Tuesday, 30 April, to blogeducativo08@gmail.com

As complementary information, you can visit the following links from BBC:

I World War movies: 6 animation shorts about: Volunteering and recruitment - Night patrol - Life in the trenches -  Over the top - Gas attack - Injury and shell shock.

World War depth studies: a collection of articles, analysis and resources about causes, events and people. It includes the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations.

And finally, a game: trench warfare

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