lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

3º British: Designing a Sustainable City

In your group of four, each group member will become one of the four Sustainability Experts:

Renewable Energy Consultant
Public Transportation Manager
Pollution Control Supervisor
Waste Management Officer

As a group, you must determine the route your community will take in becoming the most environmentally friendly and sustainable it can be!

The group as a whole must research and decide what you want your town to have in the four sustainability requirements: renewable energy sources, public transportation options, pollution control tactics, and waste management facilities. Then, each of you must research the specific sustainability criteria for your town that your expertise is in. For example, your group decides and researches that solar and wind energy are the best energy sources for your town. Then the group member who is the Renewable Energy Consultant will research the best ways to incorporate those energy sources into the town.

Communication, cooperation, collaboration and a bit of creativy are vital to making this research process a success!  

Fill this document with the info of your design (of course, you MUST include some pictures or plans) and them, as usual, send it to when finish. This work will be part of the score at the end of the NEXT term. If you fail to finish them or you give it out of date (11 March), the mark will be a 0 for this work.

Here are some additional documents and links that can help you get started with your project design:

Transforming cities (several tips from Siemens)

What's a Sustainable City, Anyway? Article by James Elsen CEO of Sustain Lane

My Virtual City and Electro City 
If your group wants to design your sustainable community virtually, this website can help! But be careful! this are a real-time games, so you probably won’t have time to developed your city before the deadline...

Enjoy it! And... good luck!

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