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4º British: Main characters of the Great War

We have talked about some individual characters (e.g. King Albert of Belgium), some war journalist (e.g. Sofía Casanova), and several less-known soldiers (e.g. Sidney Lewis). But, in case you want more ideas for the new activity, here you have a short list of other importants names of the IWW.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand: heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was assassinated in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914, the event that triggered I World War.

The German side:
Kaiser Wilhelm II: Emperor of Germany. Supporting the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Russia and France at same time.

Alexander Von Kluck: a major general in the German army. He led the attack on the Western Front and was particularly cruel to the Belgian civilians in retaliation for its resistance. As punishment for delaying the German advance, Von Kluck found necessary "the mass shooting of civilians and burning their homes".

The British side:
Lloyd George: British Prime Minister

Winston Churchill: He implemented emergency measures throughout the country, even though these actions were forbidden by the Cabinet. He was determined to maintain the balance of powers iin Europe, even if that means war. In fact, he finally informed that Britain would not allow German ships through the English Channel or the North Sea in order to attack France. 

Douglas Haig: Field Marshal, commander of the British forces on the Western Front since 1915. For some appeared to be insensitive to low, for others it was a dedicated professional soldier who insisted doggedly to the task of beating Germany in a war of annihilation.

The French side:

Raymond Poincaré: French President and Prime Minister

J. J. Joffre: French general who held the French at the Battle of Marné.

Ferdinand Foch: French general who defeated the Germans at the Battle of Somme.

The U.S.A.

Wondrow Wilson: U.S. President. Intervened in the war in support of Britain and France and led the subsequent peace process (proposed the famous "14 points of Wilson" and the creation of the League of Nations).

John Pershing: General who led the U.S. troops landed in Europe to fight in Great War.

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