lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

4º British: Some Primary Sources for the Great War

Have you decided the historical character you will turn into for the twitter-activity? The war has just started! As a starting point, you can find many primary sources in the following webpages:

The Woodrow Wilson library (Speeches from the USA President for joining the war, and the resolution in the Peace Treaty)

The Churchill Centre (selected speechees and writings)

FourMinute Men: Volunteer Speeches During World War I

WWIDocument Archive (conventions, treaties, officials paper, Press notes, diaries and memorials). Here you can find, for example, extracts from Kaiser Wilhem II’s speeches...

A multimedia History of the IWW (choose the year in the small column on the right side, and them scroll the bar to see the list of documents avaible...)

Selectedwritings (in Spanish): speeches, treaties and analysis

And, of course, remember the British National Archives.

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